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Professional Drums for Your Songs

You get my complete library of over 1,000 Stereo Drum Loops performed and organized for Songwriters. My loops are carefully edited into song sections to help you get a drum track in place quickly for your song. Most of my loops are 4-bars in length, edited into Intro, Verse, Pre-Chorus, Chorus, Bridge, Fills, and Ending. All are in a 4/4 time signature ranging from 60 BPM ballads to 155 BPM upbeat-rockers. 

I've been writing and producing songs for years and have been fortunate to perform and record around the world with superstars in rock and pop. From being a member of FOREIGNER, to massive world tours with CHER, a year on a tour bus with David Lee Roth (seriously), working with Richie Sambora, Gregg Rolie (the past 20-years), Eddie Money, CCR, Player and a thousand others. I've backed thousands of concerts on drums and recorded thousands of songs as a session drummer. I've taken my years of experience and created this Songwriter's Drum Loop Library. I'm proud to offer it to you. 

Bonus #1: Along with all the stereo drum loops, I'm including 29 additional "one shot" loops of my kicks, snares, toms, and cymbals.

Massive Bonus #2: I'm including the MULTITRACKS for each and EVERY loop. Yes, edited, acidized multitracks for every loop so you have Total Control over the sound of your drum track. Each stereo loop includes 13 additional tracks from my entire mic set up: 3 mics on the snare, 2 kick, 3 toms, HH, 2 overhead mic, plus 2 room mics. You get over 13,000 files of multitracks.

For a fraction of the cost of ONE session with me, you get my entire library. 

If you don't love my loops, I'll give you 100% of your money back

Here is what you get in the immediate download:
- Over 13 GB of loops including stereo, one shot, and all multitracks
- Audio Sample Size 24 bit 

- Audio Sample Rate 44 kHz  

- ACIDized WAV Format
- Royalty-free! (Though it will be nice if you'd credit me!)

Loops are organized into these sets:

  • 61 BPM Big Ballad
  • 73 BPM Acoustic Dream
  • 77 BPM R n Beat
  • 78 BPM Late Night Latin
  • 83 BPM Classic Latin Rock
  • 83 BPM Modern Pop
  • 86 BPM Alter Native
  • 90 BPM Hip Hop Anonymous
  • 93 BPM Slow and Steady
  • 98 BPM Minimal 6
  • 98 BPM Sweet Home
  • 100 BPM Move Along
  • 102 BPM Neo Latin
  • 103 BPM Hitch and Ride
  • 106 BPM Solid Ghost
  • 110 BPM Third Rock
  • 112 BPM Dynamik
  • 115 BPM Jazz Bo
  • 115 BPM On The Rocks
  • 116 BPM On Water
  • 120 BPM Turn It Up
  • 121 BPM Simply Cool
  • 121 BPM Strong Arm
  • 122 BPM Solid Rock
  • 130 BPM Two and Four
  • 132 BPM Songwriter Hit
  • 135 BPM Jonesing
  • 135 BPM Long Drive
  • 135 BPM Singer Songwriter
  • 140 BPM Big Rock
  • 147 BPM High Octane
  • 152 BPM Four On The Floor
  • 153 BPM Straight Up
  • 155 BPM Prockalicious

And, if you don't love my loops, I'll give you 100% of your money back. No questions asked. You keep the loops.

Thank you!


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4 zip files to download

13 GB
Royalty Free


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7 ratings
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